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IntriCon Software Documentation

Welcome to the IntriCon software documentation website.

Software Manuals and Related Instructions

    1. Motif: Engineering Software for the IntriCon Audion 16 nanoDSP.
    2. Instructions for creating voice prompts.

Software Programing Documentation

This section is for software developers who are creating applications using IntriCon products.

We have sample applications for some languages. To get a code sample, write us at engineering@intricon.com with the programming language and version you are using, what nanoDSP amplifiers you will be supporting, and what type of application you are developing.

    1. Generic Driver SDK manual: Device driver to interface with Audion 16 and Lumen 200B (Audion 8 BLE)
    2. Legacy drivers: Driver interfacing and basic use process.
    3. IntriCon manufacturer data area memory packing.
    4. Program file specification.

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