Generic Driver Manual
Revision History

This is a revision history of the Generic Driver. This manual is updated as the features are updated.

Note: G_Audion8BLE (Lumen 200B) is fully supported only in .NET. The G_Audion8BLE is not fully functional via the COM unmanaged interface. If you are programming outside of .NET you need to create a wrapper. Also, the G_Audion8 object is available in the driver, but not supported, as it has not been tested.

Methods that will be depreciated in 3.0

  1. Mute(): Use the now available AudioOff().
  2. Close(): Use the now available CloseInterface()
  3. The BLE white-listing methods and the related BleReconnect() method will be removed. These did not provide the intended benefits. Use BleConnect() instead.

Note: G_Audion8BLE (Lumen 200B) is fully supported only in .NET. The G_Audion8BLE is not fully functional via the unmanaged COM interface. If you are programming outside of .NET you need to create a wrapper. Also, the G_Audion8 object is available in the driver, but not supported, as it has not been tested.

  1. BREAKING CHANGE from 1457 Dev Release: Separated GenericAudion8::G_Audion8 and GenericAudion8BLE::G_Audion8BLE objects to fix a number of issues (amp type return, object type return, simulation issues, interface type control, etc) and for proper OOP information hiding. They both reside within the GenericAudion8.dll. Example code in documentation updated to show the proper way to work with multiple amp type objects using casting. Same example in working code added to test app.
  2. BREAKING CHANGE from 1457 Dev Release: Move program file read/write out of G_Common and into amp specific object.
  3. CHANGE: Audion 8: Remove data logging from interface. Will not support data logging in this release.
  4. CHANGE: Added valid interface type checking to SetInterfaceType() based on amp type (For example: Audion16 can't use BLE). Will return nzFeatureNotSupportedByAmpType if interface type not valid.
  5. FIX: BleConnect() would fail to connect if try to connect to HI that not purposely disconnected (you receive Disconnnected callback). If BleConnect() is used before HI is available, the dongle would automatically connect when the HI became available. However, the driver couldn't use the HI in this state.
  6. FIX: Audion 8 Autofit: Fix MPOs rounding calculations. Also a few other MPO autofit improvements.
  7. NEW: Common GetAmptypeDetected() and GetAmptypeObject() that return ampType data type.
  8. NEW: Added an AudioOff() method to replace Mute(). (DEVELOPMENT RELEASE)

  1. BREAKING CHANGE: "test" parameter removed from MDA in Audion 16. This was a dead parameter (it had no functionality), so the only error that will occur is if "test" was added to your code. Simply remove "test" from your MDA code.
  2. BREAKING CHANGE: Corrected mismatched indexing between GenericAudion16::G_Audion16::SetVP() and GenericAudion16::G_Audion16::Load_VoicePrompt(). Now both start from zero and match the updated table of voice prompts.
  3. CHANGE: For Hipro, now compiled against HIP32401.dll, which allows usage on any COM port.
  4. CHANGE: The Audion 16 Autofit now disables Input_Filter_Low_Cut, since this currently can't be taken into account during the autofit.
  5. CHANGE: Updated documentation for all voice prompt methods.
  6. FIX: Fixed failure in GenericAudion16::G_Audion16::SetVP_SDF() to properly load table.
  7. NEW: Added support for the Lumen 200B wireless product (Audion 8 BLE).
  8. NEW: GenericCommon::G_Common::EncodeSerialNumber() and GenericCommon::G_Common::DecodeSerialNumber() added.
  9. NEW: GenericCommon::G_Common::WriteProgramFile() and GenericCommon::G_Common::ReadProgramFile() added. Currently these only work for Audion 8.
  10. NEW: GenericCommon::G_Common::Error() method added to convert Generic Driver specific error numbers to English strings.
  11. NEW: GenericCommon::G_Common::ErrorProgrammer() method added to convert programming interface specific error numbers to English strings. Currently only works for BLE.
  12. NEW: Audion 16: Add documentation for Input_Filter_Low_Cut.

  1. CHANGE: Drivers updated to .NET 4.5 and MS Visual C++ version 12 (VC_120 option): No longer supporting Windows XP.
  2. CHANGE: For Hipro, now compiled against HIP32225.dll to avoid conflicts when working with our Legacy drivers.
  3. CHANGE: Audion 16 modeler now models Adaptive Dir as directional. It used to be modeled as Omni.
  4. CHANGE: Add documentation to SetRecSaturation().
  5. CHANGE: Update documentation for SetVcPositionIndex() & AudioOn() with warning about making sure Config params are updated before using them.
  6. CHANGE: Update "General Example Code" page with tips about range checking.
  7. CHANGE: Autofit: Documentation updates.
  8. CHANGE: Version of all drivers now the same to avoid confusion.
  9. NEW: Audion 16 Autofit added. See GenericAudion16::G_Audion16::AutoFit(). Directly supports targets from NL2 and DSL. GenericAudion16::G_Audion16::InterpolateTarget() method added to simplify managing the now 23 target frequencies.
  10. NEW: Make several Audion 16 VC utility methods available externally: GenericAudion16::G_Audion16::getVcStepSizeDb(), GenericAudion16::G_Audion16::getVcMaxIndex() , and GenericAudion16::G_Audion16::getVcMaxDb().
  11. NEW: Audion 16: Add SDF version of SetVC().
  12. NEW: Update documentation with requirements for Acoustap and Volume On Level.
  13. NEW: GenericCommon::G_Common::initializeSimulationVariables() exposed. Setting the interface type to Simulate no longer calls initializeSimulationVariables() internally. You must call this method if you want them set to the default values. These values are set on driver initialization (new on an amp object).
  14. NEW: Implement 2 Set VC methods: GenericAudion16::G_Audion16::SetVcPositionIndex() and GenericAudion16::G_Audion16::SetVcPosition_dB().
    1. Add "Modeler_VC_Pos" status parameter to allow internal testing of and outside recognition of differences between amp and driver.


  • GenericDriver.dll
  • GenericCommon.dll
  • GenericAudion16.dll
  1. NEW: To support Audion 16 firmware version 1.0.8:
    1. Wind noise suppression program parameter.
    2. Noise generator and output bi-quad filtering.
  2. CHANGE: Updated the eMiniTec driver GRTI.dll to the latest version.