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Welcome to the IntriCon software website!

This page includes a number of software tools to make your hearing health job easier. Whether integrating control of our amplifiers into your own custom software, configuring and testing hearing instruments, or fitting final products to patients -- we are here to help.

Our software documentation page includes manuals for the latest software and drivers, and solutions to common issues.

Table Of Page Contents
  1. Motif Engineering Software
  2. Digital Drivers Package
  3. Slider (IntriCon Engineering Tools)
  4. IntriCon Fitting Software Suite
  5. nanoDSP Dashboard & nanoDSP Production Automation.
  7. eMiniTec Drivers

Motif Engineering Software

New Software!

Download Motif

The Motif engineering software tool now supports the Lumen 155 Wireless hearing instrument.

If you also have Slider installed, you may use Motif to detect all legacy amp types (except Scenic). Motif will launch Slider after a legacy nanoDSP amplifier has been detected.

Products supported: Audion 16, Lumen 200B (Audion 8 BLE)

Motif Requirements:

  • Windows 7 32 and 64 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
  • 25 MB hard drive space
  • 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution
  • Software Components. This is installed automatically from the internet if needed. If the computer is not on the internet, you can download and install the offline installer:

Update (2018-04-11): 

      • Support for Lumen 155  and Lumen 155 wireless
      • Support for Audion 8
      • Transducer Modeler
      • Directional Microphone Calibration
      • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Digital Drivers Package

Download the Digital Drivers Package (2017-05-15) (Generic Driver revision

This software development kit includes drivers and programmers manuals for all IntriCon's nanoDSP digital amplifiers. These drivers allow software, like our Motif Engineering Tool, to interface with IntriCon’s digital amplifiers to control the operational parameters of the amplifier.  SDK manuals are included with each specific amp type driver. Additional developer information general to all nanoDSPs is available online.

The Generic Driver SDK documentation is available online.

Products supported: Audion 16, Lumen 200B (Audion 8 BLE)

Update (2017-05-15): Updated Generic Driver to version This adds support for Lumen 200B (Audion 8 BLE) and some other features and changes. Make sure to review the Revision History before implementing.

Slider (IntriCon Engineering Tools)

Download Slider 12.0.211 (Intricon Engineering Tools 12.0.12)

This download features a group of software tools and related amplifier drivers to work with IntriCon's legacy nanoDSP digital amplifers (except for Scenic and Audion 16). These software tools are Slider, Transducer Utilities, and the Directional Microphone Calibration Utility. Instructions for these tools are installed with this package.

Slider is an engineering software tool. It features an array of slider controls to adjust all of the audio parameters of the amplifier, and many other controls for configuration of these devices. This program also allows you to see the estimated acoustic performance of a complete hearing aid by using microphone and receiver performance models along with the amplifier model.

Transducer Utilities allows you to create models of microphones and receivers for use within Slider.  Receiver models are created by running frequency responses of actual devices hooked up to an amplifier breadboard. Microphone models use a tabulated form of the sensitivity graphs on the microphone specification sheets.

Update: 2014-11-24 IntriCon Engineering Tools Installer Version 12.0.12 includes a new Slider (12.0.211): New support for Overtus plus.

IntriCon Fitting Software Suite

IFS is powerful fitting software that includes a client database, instrument tip and tube selection, binaural operation, side to side adjustment linking, optional NAL-NL2 prescriptive formula, and much more!

You can personally customize IFS to your specific branding and aid configuration needs through the use of the Configurator software. You can download and test the sample IFS today by using it's built in simulation mode.

To download the software or get any additional assistance with the IFS Suite, please contact your IntriCon Customer Service Representative.

Email: service@intricon.com

Phone: 651.636.9770

nanoDSP Dashboard & nanoDSP Production Automation.

Download nanoDSP Dashboard (

Download nanoDSP Production Automation (

nanoDSP Dashboard is IntriCon's engineering software for the feature rich nanoDSP Amplifier: Scenic. You'll be able to control all aspects of the Scenic's features. This installation includes the ADROCOM API installation, so it doesn't need to be installed separately. ADROCOM requires .NET 3.5 to be installed.  ADROCOMs installation will download .NET if needed.

Included in the nanoDSP Dashboard download are some setup files (*.MTH), which will allow you to explore nanoDSP Dashboard in it's simulated mode -- where you don't need to be connected to an actual amplifier.

Also available for download is nanoDSP Production Automation, which is the automated version of nanoDSP Dash Board. This is a simpler non-configurable tool to calibrate Scenic based aids using a pre-configured setup file (*.MTH). The *.MTH setup files are created with nanoDSP Dashboard. This installation includes the ADROCOM API installation, so it doesn't need to be installed separately.

NOTE: If you are using a Windows 7 or newer system, you may have to run nanoDSP Dashboard as Administrator for everything thing to work correctly.  To do this alternate-click on the Icon for nanoDSP Dashboard and select "Properties".  Then under "Compatibility" check the box labeled  "Run this program as an administrator".  Then click "OK".

Updates (2013-10-28): Now faster HI-PRO communications.


Download ADROCOM (

ADROCOM is the API (Application Programming Interface) used to communicate with the Scenic Digital Amplifier. Installing this will allow you to integrate Scenic into your own custom software. Make sure to also install the ADROCOM documentation, which will guide you through programming with the ADROCOM API.  ADROCOM requires .NET 3.5 to be installed. ADROCOMs installation will download .NET if needed.

Updates: 2013-10-28: Now faster HI-PRO communications.

eMiniTec Drivers

There are several industry standard communication interfaces, known as programmers, which IntriCon’s nanoDSP Amplifiers can communicate through. The eMiniTec is a very compact and portable programmer that IntriCon sells. Contact our sales department to order one for yourself: hearinghealthsales@intricon.com.

eMiniTec 2

See the eMiniTec 2 driver page.

eMiniTec 1

Download eMiniTec Windows Drivers

If you use the original eMiniTec, the drivers should automatically install themselves. You must be connected to the internet for this to happen. Plug the eMiniTec in and give your computer 5 minutes to download and install the drivers. After that time, open your software out and test if the eMiniTec works.

If it doesn't work, you can check to see if it is listed in the Windows "Device Manager":

    1. Unplug the eMiniTec from the USB.
    2. Open the Device Manager and expand "Ports (COM & LPT)"
    3. While watching the Device Manager, plug the eMiniTec back in and the Device Manager will update with the eMiniTec. If properly configured, it will show up under "Ports (COM & LPT)" with a driver version from 2016 or newer.
    4. If things don't look right, download and install the above package.

Update (2012-07-02) (version 2.08.24) This version of eMiniTec drivers has many improvements for working with the latest computers.

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